Sunday, January 07, 2018

Singapore - Gardens by the Bay

Day 1 in Singapore brought us to the Gardens by the Bay. We had friends who recommended that we go there and the reviews online were fantastic. It looked a little hokey to me. After all, why see plants in a glass dome?

But walk into the Cloud Garden and it will take your breath away. A waterfall cascades from a spiral mountain. A pathway winds up through the mountain to the top. It's one part botanical garden, one part art, and one part education centre.

Crane heads and squirrels are carved out of branches. Tree trunks become benches with fish swimming from the arms.

It was an amazing place that left us all fascinated and amazed.

Then we headed next door to the Flower Dome where we met Santa Claus, a lion, and a dragon. Meeting Santa and seeing all the decorations helped to put us in a Christmas mood despite the +20 temperature.

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