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I got POOPED on at Jurong Bird Park & Mass - Singapore Day 3

So, while the kids were feeding lories and lorikeets nectar from a cup at Jurong Bird Park a bird swooped overhead and dropped a liquid poop bomb all over my left shoulder.

I never saw the bomber but judging by his poop, it was a big bird.

We had a great day at the park, which was absolutely amazing.

The kids could have spent all day feeding the lories and lorikeets. For them, that was the highlight.

At the end of the day, we attended mass with at least 1,600 other Catholics. The service was remarkably similar to our Canadian services. The songs, however, were less traditional and more Boney M Christmas Album-like.

Best bathrooms & Star Wars - Singapore Day 2

Singapore remains my favorite city. It's modern, clean, organized, and beautiful in a tropical jungle sort of way.

The zoo and bird park also have the nicest washrooms around as they are open air and the toilets/urinals are surrounded by waterfalls and ponds.

Day 2 saw us wander the city, do some last minute Christmas shopping, and see the latest Star Wars movie.

Here are some shots of the bathrooms, foods, sites, and scenery of Singapore.