Sunday, October 01, 2017

Gurudwara Bangladesh Sahib

After our tour of Old Delhi, our guide took us Gurudwara Bangladesh Sahib, a Sikh house of worship.

To me, this was the highlight of our tour as I've read about Sikhism but had never been to their house of worship before this.

The first stop was a small room for tourists to remove their shoes and put on a head covering. Kirsi and Dana had scarves while Aidan and I borrowed two orange bandanas.

The guide then took us past hundreds of people praying outside the main temple. They were waiting to be fed for food is a right. And, how can you pray if you are hungry.

Inside the kitchen, Dana, Aidan, and Kirsi helped with roll chapattis. All of the workers were volunteers.

Four people could have bathed in the soup pots. The stirring spoons were as long as my leg.

At a pre-determined time, the people streamed in and were served dal, soup, chapattis, and a veggie curry.

Our guide then took us out to a holy pond, filled with fish.

Before we left, we joined a long line of people who filed by a booth. Inside, a man used his fingers to scoop a mushy paste and slapped it into everyone's hand. The mush was warm, like fine oatmeal, and sweet.

People waiting for food

Rolling chapattis 

Live music while people pray

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