Sunday, October 08, 2017

ASIAC Soccer Weekend

This weekend, AES hosted the 2017-2018 ASIAC soccer tournament. Teams from the American International School Chennai and the American School Bombay flew in to play.
The tournament was great but on a "the world is a small place" moment, we were fortunate enough to host 2 girls, one of whom we knew from Santiago. We were good friends with her parents who are now teaching at ASB. When we found out that their daughter was coming for the tournament, we immediately requested to host her. She's a very nice young lady, which is no surprise knowing her folks.

AES split the squad into two teams. Kiri's team went 3-0-1 in round robin and they won in the craziest finals ever. Tied 2-2, the ball was about to bounce in the AES net with 1 or 2 seconds left. One of AES' defence instinctively swatted the ball away with her hand. She got red carded and removed from the game - but she saved the game.

ASB was awarded a penalty shot but missed high putting the game into overtime. There was no score in overtime so they went to a shootout. Kirsi scored on her penalty kick as did all of her teammates. They ended up winning 1st Place despite the weird circumstances.

Overall, Kirsi scored 3 goals plus the penalty kick. She had several nice assists and played striker most of the tournament. She felt good with her performance, especially considering she is in Grade 6 in a Grades 6-8 tournament.

AES did a great job hosting and streamed the games live. The site to view photos can be found at

Some shots of Kirsi in action... 

Definitely not one of the biggest girls out there! :)

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