Saturday, September 09, 2017

Lodi Gardens & Kirsi's Soccer

Here is what our Saturday has looked like so far:

Dana and Aidan

Lodi Gardens
Dana and Aidan went with the school group named HOPE at Lodi Gardens. There, they worked with the rest of the staff and students to offer activities to students from a local school. It's an amazing program.

Aidan said that it was "really awesome" to be able to work with the students and that Lodi Gardens was beautiful. 

Dana came away with some amazing photos.

{pictures below}


AES vs. British School
Kirsi played soccer with her MESAC team against the British School. They won and played very well.

Kirsi used her speed to break downfield and had several "amazing" crosses. It's a challenge running in the heat, humidity, and pollution.

Aidan and Daddy took Kirsi via Uber to a friend's place. Her and another friend took their music instruments there to practice. One of the instruments is a cello, so it made sense to have their practice/play date where the cello was located.

{pictures below}


Spent the morning in the HS Technology HUB working. It was a good chance to get some work done and I was able to sneak away and watch some of Kirsi's game. This afternoon is a recuperating afternoon.

Later, Dana and I are going to the Canadian High Commission for some socializing.

{no pictures below because watching Derwin work is not exciting at all - he did listen to some music by Prince though}

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