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Old Delhi - Red Fort where we were photo celebrities

Two weekends ago, we spent Friday morning (holiday) touring Old Delhi.
Red Fort The Red Fort was completed in 1639 by the 5th Mogul emperor Shah Jahan. It was the main residence of the Mogul emperors for 200 years.

Photo Celebrities
Besides the incredible history, culture, and architecture it was interesting how many people wanted to have their picture taken with us. We could have been there all day taking photos with people. We took a few photos with groups but kindly said "no thanks" to most requests. At one point, a gentleman grabbed Aidan by the arm and tried to drag him into a photo. That was a definite and not so polite "no!" I am sure that he meant no harm but he freaked Aidan out.

Here's a video of our rickshaw (auto) ride from the Red Fort to Jama Masjid.

Jain Temple outside the Red Fort
2 Guys, 2 Sledgehammers, and 1 post to pound through pavement
The Fort wall and moat, which used to be home to crocodiles
Beautiful architecture and design

Our first a…

Lodi Gardens & Kirsi's Soccer

Here is what our Saturday has looked like so far: Dana and Aidan Dana and Aidan went with the school group named HOPE at Lodi Gardens. There, they worked with the rest of the staff and students to offer activities to students from a local school. It's an amazing program.
Aidan said that it was "really awesome" to be able to work with the students and that Lodi Gardens was beautiful. 
Dana came away with some amazing photos.
{pictures below}

The Imperial

The Imperial

Derwin had a relapse of his Trifecta of Illnesses on Saturday and spent most of the day in bed. But on Sunday morning, we all went out with friends to The Imperial, an old colonial, - and extravagant - hotel for brunch.

Security guards checked the trunk and the vehicle. A long road lined with palm trees led to the entrance manned by two guards with formal dress and fancy beards and mustaches.

We walked over marble floors, under chandeliers, and past a wall ornament honoring the visit of Queen Victoria.

We had an enjoyable visit with some good people and ate lots of food. The service was amazing - I just finished my last bite of food and put my fork down when the waiter, Deepak, took my plate for me.

Both Kirsi and Aidan and their friends enjoyed touring the lawn and hotel. Kirsi said that "it was amazing and sooooo fancy!"

The selection of food was incredible and varied. Plus, there was also a lot of gluten free items for Dana and Kirsi.