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Grade 6 Kirsi - School and Soccer

Kirsi - Grade 6

Kirsi on our stairwell on her first day of Grade 6!
Kirsi is loving AES (link to AES Middle School). She's made good friends and is at home on the campus.

Kirsi has joined the ASIAC (American Schools in India Activities Conference) soccer team. She'll compete against teams from The American School of Bombay and The American International School - Chennai.

This is a group of Grade 6-8 girls of which she is one of the youngest. She's feeling very at home on the pitch though (kudos Coach Jean from Yorktown). She's scored goals in the first couple of scrimmages and that has helped to make her feel more comfortable and confident out there. She comes back soaking in sweat due to the humidity.

She may also enter drama for this session (there are 3 sessions every year). She's debating joining drama but her family all thinks she should as she fools us quite often due to her acting abilities.

Because of her experience in French Immersion, she chose to take Spanish. She could have chosen Mandarin instead but her French should help her learn Spanish quickly.

While she took flute in Yorkton (and guitar), she has switched to clarinet (Derwin's MS and HS instrument) so that she can stay in Spanish. She had some challenges with the schedule but she seems very happy with the outcomes.

The Exploratory for this session is "Delhi Out and About," which is the history and culture of our host city, Delhi. Friday, they took a field trip to India Gate and President's House to study the architecture of the buildings. Later, the course will switch to Health and then Art. Humanities is a combination of Social Studies and English.

1 - Science
2 - Math
3 - Physical Education
4 - Humanities
5 - Band
6 - Exploratory
7 - Spanish
8 - Humanities

She has her own iPad, which she can bring home every night. She is finding that she has more homework now that she is in Grade 6. We also paid for lunch for her. Despite being gluten sensitive, she's finding enough to eat at lunch as most of the Indian food is gluten free.

Overall, she gives AES an "A+"!
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