Saturday, August 26, 2017

Grade 4 Aidan - School and Soccer

Aidan and Grade 4

Aidan on our stairwell on his first day of Grade 4!
Aidan is loving school, his teacher, and having his own iPad in school. You can see his blog here.

Aidan has chosen soccer and baseball for his after school iPop activities (iPop stands for Power of Passion). Activities start this week. Baseball is new to Aidan so it will be interesting to see how he enjoys that sport.

At recess, the popular game is 4-Square, which he really enjoys. We've watched a few YouTube videos on 4-Square strategy.

He is happy to have Mrs. Peters for his teacher as well. You can see their class blog here.

His best friends are from England, Australia, and Malaysia but he quite likes everyone in the class. It seems like a nice group with few, if any, troublemakers.
Aidan's Classmates

Aidan chose Spanish for his World Language class. He could have went with French but he is too advanced for the beginner French here after having been in French Immersion.

Another highlight for Aidan are the delicious lunches that the school offers. We, of course, pay a fee for lunch but it's great value. All food is made from scratch and is very healthy. Anyone who knows Aidan knows how much he can eat so he's living large. Plus, he doesn't have to pack a lunch, just a snack and water.

Overall, he gives AES an "A+"!

Aidan's Schedule

AES' Elementary School Lunch for a Week

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