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New Delhi Tour

On Saturday morning, the school treated us to a brief tour of New Delhi. It was great to move beyond the school walls and see some of city. It gave us enough of a taste to get out and see some more.

Salt March

Strike up another victory for colonialism. Yay! {sarcasm}. You could call this the Dandi Salt Party instead of the Boston Tea Party.

"TheSalt March, also known as theDandi Marchand theDandi Satyagraha, was an act ofnonviolentcivil disobedienceincolonial Indiainitiated byMohandas Karamchand Gandhito produce salt from the seawater in the coastal village of Dandi, as was the practice of the local populace until British officials introduced taxation on salt production, deemed their sea-salt reclamation activities illegal, and then repeatedly used force to stop it. The 24-day march began from 12 March 1930 and continued until 6 April 1930 as adirect actioncampaign oftax resistanceandnonviolent protestagainst the British salt monopoly, and it gained worldwide attention which gave …

Bureaucratic Blues - The FRRO

The Foreigners Regional Registration Office

On Friday, the family and I got to spend some quality time getting to know the bureaucratic side of India.

Please know that I'm not complaining when I write this as I found the process fascinating. There was, however, a lot of sweat and patience involved.

Step 1
It all started with us standing under a green canopy for over 30 minutes. We stood in line with mostly Africans and Asians although there were the Euro/North American contingent as well. Apparently, many Africans come to New Delhi for university. Fans blew hot air at us. We sweated and sweated some more basting in our own gravy. Finally we got to the front of the line to see...

Step 2
...a man and a woman at a desk. The woman looked over all of the paperwork that the school meticulously prepared. She then passed the paperwork on to the gentleman for...

...Step 3
He wrote a few details in a large ledger with yellowed paper with crinkled edges. The book must've been 4 inches thick…

Dangerous Monkeys, Shopping, Delhi Belly, the Privileged Bubble

Ayah & Dhobi

We came home yesterday and Sujata had the place clean up, beds made, cupboards all washed out and more. After a busy, jet lagged day, it was so nice to come home to a clean place.

And today is Thursday, which means our laundry is placed outside and Vineet will take care of the rest! We just needs some hangers and a steam iron and we're good to go.


When Sujata came to work, a huge monkey was sleeping outside on our staircase (we live on the top floor). It took over an hour for her to get by the sleeping simian.

The kids are freaked out now by the monkeys because we've heard some horror stories of how vicious they are and how they carry rabies.

I might buy a Monkey Whacking Stick (TM) and keep it in the staircase in case we need to chase them away.   It's not like it is Planet of the Apes - yet!?!?!

Medical Care

We had a presentation from the school's medical department yesterday. Wow, is all I can say!

They have a full time doctor on the premises …

Monkey attack, Maid & hired help, Food, and Day 1 in the Books

The doorbell rang this morning and a very shy, humble young man in his 20s introduced himself as Vineet. Vineet is our dhobi.

Every Monday and Thursday morning, we leave our laundry outside our door. Vineet takes and washes, irons, and folds the laundry and returns it to us by the end of the day.

Kirsi, Aidan, and I are having him do our laundry. Dana is doing her own. This service costs us $70 CDN/month.

For all of the sweating that we're going to do here, we feel it's worth it.

This afternoon, we met Sujata, who will be our maid. We had phoned her months ago while still living in Canada and arranged to hire her when we arrived in New Delhi.

She seems very nice and the family took to her immediately. She has worked for AES staff before so she knows the ins and outs of campus life.

Her main duties will be cooking and cleaning. She took cooking classes in Vietnamese, Thai, and Mediterranean cooking. She, of course, can cook Indian food as well. We gave her some rupe…

A Day of Firsts at an International School - Geckos, monkeys, and humidity oh my!

We arrived in New Delhi late last night to a warm welcome from the admin and support team from the American Embassy School New Delhi. It was nice meeting the people that were helping us get here in person. They've been very efficient and helpful in navigating the sea of paperwork of applications and visas.

Jet lag had me up at 4:00 in the morning and I immediately checked out the Hindi Devotional playlist on Google Music. I'm really digging the mellow, groove. Click on the link, turn up the music, and keep reading. Aidan is really digging the music, as well.

So far, it's been a day+ of firsts.

Kirsi and Aidan's first long international flight as independent children. They did a great job of navigating all of the steps involved in international travel and are pros now.Our new apartment is really nice - a video tour and pictures to come. Kirsi "loves our apartment, it's awesome."A gecko on the balcony at 1:30 in the morning sent the kids screaming to the sa…