Sunday, September 09, 2012

Road Trip - Grasslands National Park, Part 3

The second evening, we visited the former Larson ranch.  They have preserved some of the old buildings and structures.  Ranching in this area was not easy, especially 100 years ago.  With very little water, it was hard to grow a garden, let alone farm so ranching was the better alternative.

Here the kids got to practice their roping skills:

It was such a pretty setting and perfect lighting so we thought we'd try to get a family photo.  Not too bad, especially for using the timer!

We also wanted to get a nice shot of the kids.  Here's their serious one:

A case of the giggles was coming on:

And then it was the full-out sillies:

After the ranch, we went a little further along and checked out some more wildlife.  This is where the burrowing owls were so we were patient and tried to spot some.  We were lucky and did manage to see a couple.  Thank goodness the park has these telescopes - it sure made looking for the owls easier!  

A friendly reminder:

One last sunset:

This male bison was up on the ridge, near our campsite.  

We couldn't go camping without a campfire!  So, we gathered up as many twigs, dried out roots and whatever other natural material we could find that might burn.  We figured it would burn up really quickly and be done fast but it actually took quite a while to start the fire.  The kids were happy that we were able to make one:

Snuggled up tight in the tent:

Good morning from Eagle Butte!

Mommy and her kiddos:

Daddy and his kiddos:

We decided to do one last hike the morning we left.  We did the Eagle Butte hike, which was a 2-km hike.  

Der and the kids at the top of a hill:

The kids loved this hike!  Aidan was our trailblazer.  He loved going ahead and exploring.

Kirsi loved looking around and trying to find different kinds of animals and learning all about the area.

These two could have kept going and going.  I think we could have done the 70 Mile Butte Trail, which is 5 km in total.

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