Sunday, September 09, 2012

Road Trip - Eastend

After our hike, we headed west to Eastend.  We figured we were close enough to make the trip to the T-Rex Discovery Centre.  One of the girls from the visitor centre in Val Marie recommended stopping at the museum in Eastend so we headed there after lunch:

It was really well done and they had many different artifacts of prairie life.  Then we found the artist who makes pottery (Whitemud Clay Studio).  He digs the clay out of the hills and then makes pottery and ceramic sculptures.  It took us a little while to locate him - the studio was unlocked and open but he wasn't anywhere to be found.  I poked my head into the office and found his home address on a poster on the wall.  So, we went there and he came over to the studio.  Only in a small town!

And finally it was off to see the dinos!  Aidan was in awe of it all - he couldn't believe it.  Here, Der, Kirsi and Aidan are touching a piece of Scotty, the T-Rex:

Look out, Daddy!

Kirsi, he's going to get your fingers!

Aidan was so excited to be able to touch a dinosaur:


Aidan with Scotty:

One of the activities they offer is to excavate for fossils.  The kids got to "dig" for a fossil in this clay and the guy told them how to excavate properly.  They thought it was pretty cool:

Outside the centre, they have a little play area and here is Aidan fooling around:

It was such a wonderful vacation - short but sweet!  We loved camping and we are really happy we chose to visit Grasslands National Park and the area.  Neither of us had been there before and it was truly an amazing area.  It was awesome to see how interested Kirsi and Aidan were in learning about the wildlife and nature.

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