Sunday, September 09, 2012

Avonlea Fun

We spent a week in Avonlea before heading out camping and here are some photos of our time there.

We saw this moon rising from the deck at the farm:

Gramma cut Kirsi's hair:

Kirsi loves Boon:

Fun at the playground with Teagan:

Baby Aubrey:

Aidan and Teagan were looking at a hole.  Aidan was convinced it was a snake hole because "gophers couldn't fit down that hole.  Their bums are too big!"


Kirsi loves holding Aubrey:

Aubrey singing "Happy Birthday":

We celebrated Teagan's birthday a little early since we wouldn't be around when it was her real birthday.  We went out to Dunnet to play a little mini golf which was enjoyed by all:

And here she is with her birthday cake.  We sang "Happy Birthday" but it had to be to her mom, not to her.  :)

Aubrey enjoying the birthday fun:

The kids with Auntie Courtney:

All four cousins:

Just before we left, Der launched a rocket that he bought.  It was incredible how high it shot up:

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