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Aidan's daycare

Aidan goes to a fantastic daycare.  Susan and Whitney are great with the kids.  They study a different theme every week or two and the kids learn lots of fun facts about the topic of the day.  Aidan came home one day and said, "Did you know that emu eggs are the size of two adult hands?  And emus live in Australia.  So do dingos but dingos might eat emu eggs."  They always do a craft to go along with the topic of the day too.

Here's a video of the kids with their platypus puppets and a very cute platypus song:

Cross-Country Race

This year is the first year that Kirsi participated in the cross-country meet in our school division.  She was racing against Grade 1 and Grade 2 girls - I think there were 79 in total running.  She was nervous because she didn't know what to expect but she had a great time.  Here she is on the final stretch:

And having a snack after the big race:


At Susan's, the kids learn about a theme for the week.  For Aidan's first week there, they studied Australian animals.  Look at this adorable emu they made:

Aidan came home full of facts:

Did you know that an emu egg is the size of two adult hands?Emus have to be careful around dingos because they might eat them.Emus live in Australia.

First Day of School

On Tuesday, September 4th, it was the first day of school.  Kirsi started Grade 1, hence the "1" pancake:

And Aidan started full time at Ms. Susan's, hence the "S" pancake:

We're excited for a great year for both of our kiddos!

Madge Lake Hike

The day before school started we decided to go on a hike at Madge Lake, as a way to celebrate the end of summer.  It was a gorgeous day and we got an early start.  All of us had a great time.  I made a realization during this hike - that I love hiking most when I'm taking pictures.  I love seeing nature through the camera lens.  It brings me so much happiness to be out in nature and photographing it - I see it in such a different way.  I slow down and try to notice the details, the small nuances.

This tree, from this angle, looks like a T-Rex:

Our mighty hikers:

Avonlea Fun

We spent a week in Avonlea before heading out camping and here are some photos of our time there.

We saw this moon rising from the deck at the farm:

Gramma cut Kirsi's hair:

Kirsi loves Boon:

Fun at the playground with Teagan:

Baby Aubrey:

Aidan and Teagan were looking at a hole.  Aidan was convinced it was a snake hole because "gophers couldn't fit down that hole.  Their bums are too big!"


Kirsi loves holding Aubrey:

Aubrey singing "Happy Birthday":

We celebrated Teagan's birthday a little early since we wouldn't be around when it was her real birthday.  We went out to Dunnet to play a little mini golf which was enjoyed by all:

And here she is with her birthday cake.  We sang "Happy Birthday" but it had to be to her mom, not to her.  :)

Aubrey enjoying the birthday fun:

The kids with Auntie Courtney:

All four cousins:

Just before we left, Der launched a rocket that he bought.  It was incredible how high it shot up:

Road Trip - Grasslands National Park, Part 3

The second evening, we visited the former Larson ranch.  They have preserved some of the old buildings and structures.  Ranching in this area was not easy, especially 100 years ago.  With very little water, it was hard to grow a garden, let alone farm so ranching was the better alternative.

Here the kids got to practice their roping skills:

It was such a pretty setting and perfect lighting so we thought we'd try to get a family photo.  Not too bad, especially for using the timer!

We also wanted to get a nice shot of the kids.  Here's their serious one:

A case of the giggles was coming on:

And then it was the full-out sillies:

After the ranch, we went a little further along and checked out some more wildlife.  This is where the burrowing owls were so we were patient and tried to spot some.  We were lucky and did manage to see a couple.  Thank goodness the park has these telescopes - it sure made looking for the owls easier!  

A friendly reminder:
One last sunset:

This male biso…