Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Fair

Kristin and I took Kirsi, Aidan and Teagan to the Queen City Ex on Saturday, August 4th.  Bruce wanted to come but wasn't feeling well at all so we took all three kiddos.  They had a blast!

One of Kirsi's favourites was the swings:

All of them loved the car race, especially going around the corners:

Aidan's favourite was the bees.  Good thing because we had to wait in line for a long time for it.  :)

Who doesn't like the carousel?

And the gigantic slides are lots of fun too!

And we finished off the day with some games:

They wanted to keep going but the lines were soooo long this year.  I was getting hot and tired so we left before they were ready.  But that's OK - they had a blast!
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