Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Trip - Grasslands National Park, Part 2

After our morning of visiting the sites along the Ecotour, we went back to our campsite for lunch.  Daddy was busy cooking for us while Kirsi helped set the table...

and Aidan kept an eye on the tent.  :)

After lunch, we did the Riverwalk, as suggested by the girls at the tourist office.  The government has set up an XPlorers program for kids who visit national parks, which is great!  They have booklets with activities for the kids to do while visiting the park and it keeps the kids super interested in seeing the sites.  At this site, they had nets and buckets for kids to catch different river animals (putting them back afterwards, of course!).  Aidan and Kirsi were so excited to see what critters they could catch.

At the beginning of the walk, we saw The Three Sisters.

We wove our way through the tall prairie grasses towards the river.  Here's a cliff that's the bank of the river - look at the alkali on the shore.

It was so much fun watching Derwin and the kids keeping their eyes open for frogs, turtles and any other river critters.  Der showed them how to find frogs in the grass along the shore, by swishing the grass which would make them jump.

Where are those critters?

Rock walking:

I just loved this scene.

It was a hot walk back but we made it!

It was such a peaceful walk.  We wound along the path through the tall grasses, some shrubs, along the river and then back again.  You just heard nature all around you - the birds, the frogs, the insects, the wind.  I loved being alone in this world.  It's not often that you can feel that way. 

Cooling off in the shade of the tipi after the playground:

Some long-horned cattle in a pasture:

The bull that Derwin was trying to rev up.  That made the kids and I pretty nervous!

One of my favourite shots - a typical prairie scene.  This is what I love about being from here and what I missed so very much when we lived overseas.  This is the Saskatchewan that I love.

On our way back to the campground, we kept our eyes open for some wildlife.  We couldn't resist taking this photo - tons of prairie dogs and the bison grazing in amongst them.

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