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Road Trip - Grasslands National Park, Part 2

After our morning of visiting the sites along the Ecotour, we went back to our campsite for lunch.  Daddy was busy cooking for us while Kirsi helped set the table...

and Aidan kept an eye on the tent.  :)

After lunch, we did the Riverwalk, as suggested by the girls at the tourist office.  The government has set up an XPlorers program for kids who visit national parks, which is great!  They have booklets with activities for the kids to do while visiting the park and it keeps the kids super interested in seeing the sites.  At this site, they had nets and buckets for kids to catch different river animals (putting them back afterwards, of course!).  Aidan and Kirsi were so excited to see what critters they could catch.

At the beginning of the walk, we saw The Three Sisters.

We wove our way through the tall prairie grasses towards the river.  Here's a cliff that's the bank of the river - look at the alkali on the shore.

It was so much fun watching Derwin and the kids keeping their …

Road Trip - Grasslands National Park, Part 1

After visiting the petroglyphs at St. Victor, we headed west and then south towards Val Marie and Grasslands National Park.  Why did we choose the grasslands rather than some of the more northern lakes?  Most of you know that Derwin and I tend to do things that most tourists don't do and go on paths that fewer follow.  It's just the way we roll.  :D   Plus, we didn't want to have to reserve certain days and be locked into those days.  At Grasslands, they're never full so we figured that was the perfect place.

We were able to stay at the brand new campground at the park, the Frenchman River campground.  There are a couple taps of drinking water that you can use but other than that, there's no running water. That took a little getting used to but we managed.  :)  There was even a cookhouse for when the weather isn't great.  Here's our campsite with our tent set up:

This poor little grasshopper met with a sad fate on our van antenna:

One of the things I missed…

Road Trip, Part 1 - Willow Bunch and St. Victor

On Sunday, August 12th, we left Avonlea and headed south.  We wanted to stop at the Big Muddy, near Coronach, but we found out that most of the things to see are on private property so the best way to see anything is to book a tour of the Big Muddy.  Good to know.

So, we headed off to Willow Bunch to visit their museum.  We'd heard it was a good little museum so we figured we'd have a look.

We started off in the most popular gallery about the renowned giant from Willow Bunch, Édouard Beaupré.  He was born in 1881, the eldest of 20 children.  At the age of four, he began to grow more than normal.  By age 9, he was 6 feet tall and by the time he was 21 years old, he was 8 feet 2.5 inches.  He was an excellent horseman and initially wanted to do that for his living.  However, he decided to go on the road and became a star of the Barnum and Bailey Circus.  In 1902, he contracted tuberculosis and in 1904, he died in St. Louis where he was to perform at the St. Louis World's Fai…

The Fair

Kristin and I took Kirsi, Aidan and Teagan to the Queen City Ex on Saturday, August 4th.  Bruce wanted to come but wasn't feeling well at all so we took all three kiddos.  They had a blast!

One of Kirsi's favourites was the swings:

All of them loved the car race, especially going around the corners:

Aidan's favourite was the bees.  Good thing because we had to wait in line for a long time for it.  :)

Who doesn't like the carousel?

And the gigantic slides are lots of fun too!

And we finished off the day with some games:

They wanted to keep going but the lines were soooo long this year.  I was getting hot and tired so we left before they were ready.  But that's OK - they had a blast!

Grasslands National Park Video

Kinder Grad

I can't believe that I forgot to post about Kirsi's Kinder Grad!  *blush*  Better late than never, right?

It was held on Monday, June 25th with all 40+ kids from the kindergarten classes.  It was a really sweet program - lots of singing and performing for us.  We decided to have her wear her flower girl's dress from Kristin and Dean's wedding and Gramma did her hair up very prettily so she was a fancy girl that day.

Proud brother:

Proud mommy and daddy:

Kirsi with Mrs. Bailey: