Friday, July 13, 2012

Trip to Saskatoon

We made a trip up to Saskatoon to visit with a few friends that we hadn't seen in a long while.  We decided to splurge and get a hotel with a waterslide and the kids were very happy about it!  And so were we in the afternoons we were there - it was smokin' hot outside!

Here are Der, Kirsi and Aidan enjoying some pool time:

On Tuesday morning, we went to the Forestry Farm.  We got there early on so we were able to see the animals out and about.  The kids LOVED it!  They were so excited to try to find the different animals in each enclosure and they have all kinds of questions now.


The kids with the bald-headed eagles behind them:

Kirsi watching the grey wolf:

One of the lion cubs born at the zoo last year:

Dana and Kirsi feeding the fallow deer:

A mouflon:

Kirsi feeding a Sika deer:

A plains bison:

Big horn sheep:

Dall sheep:

A Tibetan yak:

A swan:

It was so great to see our friends and family again.  I love that we are close enough to be able to make a quick trip up to see people.
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