Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This year we wanted to put in a vegetable garden and add some plants and flowers to the existing ones. We found some purple sage to put under our Siberian Larch and we love it because it reminds us of Provence in the south of France.

We wanted to add a lilac bush to our yard because lilacs bring back memories to both Derwin and myself of our grandparents' farms growing up.  We decided to go with a dwarf Korean lilac because it won't get as big and it won't sucker out as much as the traditional lilacs.

When we lived in Chile, we saw some amazing hydrangea bushes.  I knew that hydrangeas don't grow well here but when we were browsing the nurseries, we noticed that they've developed hydrangeas for our growing region.  We'd seen several of the lime green varieties but that wasn't what we were looking for.  But when we spotted the pink blossomed one, we knew we had to have it.  So, we picked up two hydrangeas for our backyard and they look great where they are.  I know it'll be a while before we see the blossoms, but that's OK.

I wanted to try doing potted annuals so we picked up quite a few different flowers and experimented.  Here's one of the pots with geraniums, violas and a couple pansies.  

And one of the Martha Washington geraniums we picked up:

The people who lived in our house before us planted a huge perennial bed so we're enjoying the blooms right now:

Derwin has been busy with the vegetable garden.  He planted a couple types of lettuce, green beans, peas, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots and onions.  We're quite excited with how far along the lettuce is already.  We'll be enjoy garden salads soon!

When I was younger, I didn't understand why so many people enjoyed gardening.  I saw it as just a lot of extra work.  However, now I realize why people do it.  It's so therapeutic to be out there planting, digging and beautifying your life.  I totally get it and I love it!
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