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Aidan doesn't like Paddington Bear

After watching a few minutes of Paddington Bear, Aidan says "I don't ever want to watch that show again." Not grouchy, just matter of fact.

Next day I jokingly asked Aidan if he wanted to watch Paddington Bear. He said "I don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever want to watch that show again."

Our sweet boys

I just love this picture of Aidan and Simba.  We have two cute boys!!


This year we wanted to put in a vegetable garden and add some plants and flowers to the existing ones. We found some purple sage to put under our Siberian Larch and we love it because it reminds us of Provence in the south of France.

We wanted to add a lilac bush to our yard because lilacs bring back memories to both Derwin and myself of our grandparents' farms growing up.  We decided to go with a dwarf Korean lilac because it won't get as big and it won't sucker out as much as the traditional lilacs.

When we lived in Chile, we saw some amazing hydrangea bushes.  I knew that hydrangeas don't grow well here but when we were browsing the nurseries, we noticed that they've developed hydrangeas for our growing region.  We'd seen several of the lime green varieties but that wasn't what we were looking for.  But when we spotted the pink blossomed one, we knew we had to have it.  So, we picked up two hydrangeas for our backyard and they look great where they are. …

Our beautiful ballerina

On May 26th, Kirsi had her ballet recital.  She was in Primary 1 ballet this year and she really enjoyed her teachers, Ms. Joanne and Miss Jessica.  They did a really cute little dance and Kirsi did great.

She loved her outfit for the recital...

but she especially loved the fact that she got to wear make-up!

Our new baby!

Well, now ours per se but she's new to our family!  My brother and his girlfriend added another beautiful girl to their family.  Here is Kirsi with her - can you tell who is so happy?!?!

And here's another photo of our darling little niece.  I love her hair!


Saturday, June 16th was a big day for my sister and her fiancĂ©.  They had been planning their wedding for months and the day they had was perfect - no rain, a few clouds and the perfect temperature.  We were all a part of their wedding.  Kirsi was a flower girl, Aidan was ring bearer, Der did the first reading and I was maid of honour.

Here is the altar of the church - it was so beautiful!
Kirsi getting her hair done at the salon - one of her favourite parts of the day!  Too bad the curls fell out and Mom had to redo her hair before the ceremony.  :(
My sister and Kirsi at the salon:
A family photo outside the church: 
And a family photo with our niece, the other flower girl: 
Our handsome "dragon" ring bearer, as he called himself:
A candid shot of the kids after they were picking grass:
Our kiddos on the old plough out at the farm:
Another plough shot:
Dean's cousin is an artist and he made this cake topper for them - it's perfect for them: rifles, dog and all!