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Santa Claus Parade

Saturday was the official start to the Christmas season in Yorkton with the lighting of the town's Christmas tree followed by the Santa Claus Parade.  Der was still out of commission with the flu so I took Kirsi and Aidan down for the festivities.

I was really surprised to see this sign up at the City Centre Park.  You just don't see the religious meaning of Christmas in public places anymore so I was happy to see it.

The kids are enjoying hot dogs and hot chocolate at the park.

The town's Christmas tree is officially lit up.

 And here's the Parade!

A chuck wagon leading off the parade - you know we're living in the West, right?  It's great!

The kids loved seeing this garbage truck all decorated up!

Harley Santa!

And look at this big rig all lit up in John Deere colours.  Aidan was super pumped to see this float!

And the Big Guy to finish up the parade.

It's great to be back home for this season.  I love seeing the lights, decorations and just the electric…

Let It Snow

October 31st - Halloween

November 6 - First Snowfall

First Canadian Halloween

The kids enjoyed their first Canadian Halloween.  Here they are practising before they go out trick or treating!