Sunday, April 03, 2011

Trip to Montego Bay

The kids and I took the Knutsford Express up to Montego Bay to meet Gramma at the airport.  It's a very comfortable and affordable way to travel in Jamaica.  They even showed a movie on the bus ride.  Kirsi got so into it (The Tooth Fairy) that she couldn't sleep!  :)

Here are the kids by the pool at Toby's Resort:

Here they are with Gramma:

I love, love, love this picture of Kirsi at the pool:

Practicing her back float:

The bus ride back was eventful.  We had to take an alternative route because the Flat Bridge is closed to traffic coming from the north after 4:00 pm.  So we took a scenic route back but it was a narrow, narrow road.  When we'd meet a bigger vehicle near a curve, both would have to stop and then the other one would have to back up to allow the bus to pass.  We did get to see some orange orchards and sugar cane being harvested, which was really neat to see.  Thankfully, one of the passengers had said a prayer for all of us before we left Montego Bay and we were kept safe on that journey back.  Welcome to Jamaica, Gramma!!  :D
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