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Aidan's first shadow day

Yesterday, Aidan had his first "shadow" day at school.  What they do at AISK for future or potential students is to allow them to shadow their class for a day so they can see what it's like and, for the little ones, get used to it.  Since Aidan hasn't been in a school setting before, we're doing it slowly.  Yesterday, I went in with him for an hour while Ms. Edwards did calendar math with the kids and then they had time to play at their learning centres.  Aidan was very shy and didn't want to say anything during the lesson but he took it all in.  When it came to playing at the centres, he was good.  He chose to work with the Play Doh and he was very happy doing that.  He did it on his own, without me being anywhere near him, and he was sad to leave.

While the lesson was happening, Aidan wanted to get up and move around.  I told him that he had to stay sitting down and he asked, "Why?"  I explained that Ms. Edwards was teaching a lesson and that she…

Sick kiddos

First of all, as a follow-up to the "No Ting" post, I'm happy to report that we've found it once again.  Phew!  ;)

Kirsi and Aidan have been sick with colds for a long time.  It's been about six weeks since they got the first cold and they've had two more since.  Then on Thursday, Kirsi came down with a fever and then vomited later that afternoon.  The next morning she woke up with a bit of gunk in her eyes but it went away as the morning went on so we let it be.  Then, around supper time, her fever came back with a vengeance and the gunk was back.  :(  Too late to go to the doctor (and not serious enough to go to the ER) so we continued with the Tylenol and cleaned out her eyes.  Saturday morning, we headed to a walk-in clinic for both kids, as Aidan has a cough that isn't going away and it doesn't sound good.  So, Kirsi got the medicated drops for her eyes and Aidan got amoxicillin and a prescription for conjunctivitis in case he gets it.  Last nigh…