Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Long time, no update

It's been ages since we last updated our blog.  After Brody, Hannah, Ian and Rhonda's visit, we had Nana and Papa arrive and stay with us for a month.  The kids have had such a great time playing with them and getting their undivided attention (thus the reason I've had so much time to scrapbook!).  Our first weekend with them, we stayed at the Great Huts at Boston Bay and went to Frenchman's Cove.  It's such a fabulous beach!  We also took Nana and Papa to Reach Falls, which are still my favourite set of waterfalls here in Jamaica.  We drove along the southeast coast back to Kingston - I love that drive, much better than through the mountains.

There was a lot of playing going on here.  Nana and Papa brought the infamous Fisher Price cars and people with them and the kids couldn't get enough of them.  They also played tea party, cars, ball hockey and soccer.  There was a lot of planes, trains and automobiles played too.  Nana got her daily half an hour in the sun while here - she wanted to soak up as much as she could.

Some of the sites that we hit here in Kingston were Devon House (and the I Scream ice cream shop there), Port Royal and the zoo.  They headed out to Parottee Beach near Black River and stayed at Idler's Rest, where we did in November.  What's so nice about there is that it isn't crowded so you can just completely relax.

Our last weekend, we went back to Portland.  This time we stayed in Long Bay and went to San San Beach both days.  The kids loved it there - the water is calm and very shallow so it's perfect for little ones.

It's hard to believe that a month is up and that Nana and Papa are on their way back to Manitoba.  But time certainly marches on, stopping for no one and nothing.  We're just thankful for the time that they were able to spend with us.  We have more visits coming up so we're happy for that.  :)
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