Saturday, December 11, 2010

Such a difference

You know that your children are so different to one another but you don't always remember that.  Kirsi and Aidan play well together but they are very different in some of their interests - Kirsi likes playing with her dolls and tea parties; Aidan likes to play with his train and build with blocks.

But movies are where they are the most different.  Kirsi doesn't like movies with villains or mean guys (which rules out almost every movie) but it doesn't phase Aidan in the least.  When we watch Beauty & the Beast, Kirsi had to turn away several times during the scary parts.  Aidan could have cared less about the wolves and he thought the Beast was cool.  Then they were watching a dinosaur movie since Aidan is totally into dinosaurs now.  Kirsi got scared quite early on and had to quit watching it.  Aidan, on the other hand, loved everything about it - the dinos chasing the people and Aidan was so excited when he exclaimed, "T-Rex is going to eat some peoples!"
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