Saturday, December 04, 2010

It's a small world after all

Today, we went to Maya's fifth birthday party.  Kirsi has been so excited to go to her classmate's birthday party and it was finally the day.  The kids had a fabulous time with all the other kids.  They had a "bounce about" (bouncy castle) and then they have a small pool in the backyard so a lot of the kids got in to play.  Kim and Neil had prepared 150 water balloons and the kids had an absolute blast with them.  Honestly, great fun for all the kids.

For me, it was quite a unique visiting day.  We first were chatting with a couple who was there with their daughter.  He is Jamaican and she is from Sri Lanka, so we had a good chat with her about Colombo and our time in Sri Lanka. Then I was talking with another father and it turns out that he and wife lived in Islamabad when September 11th happened and we were in Lahore.  So we had a chat about living there during that time of chaos.  And then I met a fellow scrapbooker that I found by reading one of the blogs I follow.  She was featured on that blog, which then led me to her blog.  We got in touch with one another and we have been trying to meet up for a while but things keep popping up.  It was so funny finding out that she knows Kim and is good friends with her and that she was at the birthday party too.

Definitely a lesson in how small the world really is.  :)
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