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December Daily

For the first time, I did a December Daily album.  I've never done a mini-album before but I was encouraged by everyone who was doing one on Club CK.  I pre-made the pages in November and I just had to put in the journalling and photos as the days went on.  It sounded like a great way to document our month of December and lead-up to Christmas.

Overall, I enjoyed it but I do know I'll be doing things differently next year.  I found it really hard to fit the pictures and journalling into the pre-made pages and I was even doing digi.  I don't like how I felt limited with the pages.  I ended up having to change some of the pages because I just couldn't make it work and I didn't like the end design as much.  Next time, I plan on doing it digi too but I will make a bunch of pre-made templates, with different number and size of photos as well as different size journal spots.  That way, I'll have the tough part done but I'll still have the flexibility I need.


Frenchman's Cove

We decided to go to Frenchman's Cove for Boxing Day.  We've read where some consider it one of the Top 5 beaches in the world.  Not sure about that but we had a great day!

The river flowing into the cove

Walking down to the beach
The cove
Making a sand castle

Making a sand castle

Kirsi enjoying the swing over the river
Tackling the waves
Kirsi playing with new friends
The kids ran hard all day and slept hard on the way home

Christmas Pictures

We had a wonderful Christmas with the family here in Kingston.  The season included...

Kirsi's 1st ever Christmas concert - she rocked!
Decorating the Christmas tree

Lots and lots of baking
And some napping
Making some piñatas
And more baking
Delivering goodies to every house in our complex
Checking out Christmas lights
Snuggling, eating popcorn, and watching Christmas shows
Hanging the stockings with care
Opening gifts Christmas morning

And finding gifts under the banana tree
And beating the Christmas Piñata
And pouncing on it and continually beating it when it falls