Friday, November 05, 2010

First Family Movie Night

Tonight, we decided to order in pizza and enjoy a movie night.  There aren't many full-length movies that the kids will watch beginning to end, Winnie the Pooh being the exception.  But tonight, we convinced Kirsi to watch Beauty and the Beast.  She hasn't watched any Disney movies because she doesn't like villains, whether they're mean or scary.  So really, that rules out all Disney movies.  With Beauty and the Beast, there are just a couple parts that are scary so we moved through those ones.  We stressed how the Beast wasn't mean but just grouchy and Kirsi was OK with that.  Aidan thought the Beast was great and both of them loved the movie.

Der and I loved this special moment with the kids - snuggling on the couch, having special snacks and just enjoying our time together.  We're looking forward to many more of these.  :)
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