Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black River

School ended on Wednesday at lunch (Thanksgiving weekend) and we headed west to a small town called Black River.  This is a part of Jamaica that not everyone sees.   It doesn't have the white sand beaches or the blue, blue water but we found it beautiful in its own way - plus not that busy.

The area has sugar cane plantations, pastureland, and swamps with crocodiles and other bird life.

We stayed at a really nice hotel called Idler's Rest, which is right on a nice beach with lots of seashells for Kirsi to pick and sand for Aidan to shovel.  We weren't hassled at all and we loved the hotel that we stayed at.

We arrived around 4:30 so we just got settled, spent some time on the beach, and had supper while overlooking the Caribbean.

The next morning, we took a boat tour on the Black River.  We saw lots of birds and 3 crocodiles.  One was a young one that was staying in the sun so that it could better digest its food.  Its belly was full.  We went up river as far as Mangrove Alley.  We had a great time!

We then drove down to Treasure Beach, where we had lunch at Jack Sprats - a really nice restaurant on the water.  We drove around for a while before heading back to the hotel for supper.

At Idler's Rest Hotel

View from our balcony

Idler's Rest

Not every day that you see a Jamaican man catching crabs

Black River Safari

Crocodile Hatchery


305 year old Mangrove tree

Mangrove Trees

Charlotte the Crocodile

Blue Heron

Young Crocodile digesting a big meal

Marijuana Bird - so called because their eyes are red, just as if they were smoking a lot

At Treasure Beach

Limestone Cliffs

Kirsi washing hands at Jack Sprat's

Jack Sprat's

Lots of colourful shops

Lots of goats

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