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Black River & Idler's Rest

Our Black River tour guide called the town of Black River a dead town but we loved it.  We had a great time there even though it may not have all of the white sand and blue, blue water of the north coast of Jamaica.  The town itself had lots of character and the people were really friendly.  Kirsi did not want to leave our hotel, Idler's Rest.

On the way to Idler's Rest

Idler's Rest

We take the kids to a bar

Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar is a little restaurant/bar that's built out over the Caribbean Sea on a shoal that is over a kilometre from shore.  The area is shallow enough to stand in and we're surrounded by fish, gulls, and pelicans.

Jamaican family going to church
Pelican Bar

Inside the Pelican Bar

Standing outside the bar and over 1 kilometre from shore

Underneath the bar

Looking through the walls

Front door
Looking through the floorboards

Black River Day 2

After breakfast, we headed out to YS to see the YS Falls.  On the way there, we passed through the town of YS and some beautiful countryside - definitely not the typical Jamaican scenes that you see.

A local corner store

Bamboo Avenue
Pool at YS Falls
Pool at YS Falls
YS Falls

No ganja smoking

Tour of Appleton Rum Factory