Sunday, October 24, 2010

This and That

Yesterday after lunch, we turned on the TV and found gymnastics (on CBC by the way).  Kirsi loved watching the girls perform on the balance beam, uneven bars and floor and she watched it for quite a while.  She also loves watching soccer - where she gets that from is beyond us!

Last night, Der and I watched a movie on TV and afterwards we were flipping through the channels and came across hockey highlights.  It has been YEARS since we've watched them (other than when we visit at home) so it was cool to do that.  Then we came across a hockey game on CBC and remembered that it was Hockey Night in Canada.  And we found out that we have TSN too.  It's really neat to have Canadian TV stations while overseas; it's like a little taste of home.

It's been a sick week for us, unfortunately.  It started off last week when Der, Kirsi and Aidan all got colds.  Then they got better and we went to the coast for a vacation, which was great.  On Saturday, Kirsi got a fever and it was off and on for two days.  We came home early so she could rest and get over it.  Then Aidan got the fever and was out for a day.  Then I got the cold and flu-like symptoms and finally got feeling better yesterday.  I thought we were finally healthy but Aidan's fever came back last night.  Ugh!  I hate when we get sick.

We're getting to know our way around the city, slowly but surely.  I don't venture too terribly far on my own because I'm still pretty hesitant about parking in tight places with the van.  The wider and longer vehicle is still throwing me off.  I think it's because it's not high up like a truck but is longer and wider like a minivan (the Odysseys are not as high as some other minis so it's more like driving a car).
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