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Sunday Morning Swim

Most mornings are beautiful and sunny here in Kingston but lately the afternoons get a lot of rain so we hit the pool at 10 this morning.  Here's some photos! :)

A few more layouts

I've been back to working on some more scrapbooking projects.

Here's a layout I did for one of the performances at the school's Jamaica Day celebrations.  I did it for a challenge over on Club CK using a certain colour combination.  I did it the easy way using a pre-made template from Jessica Sprague.

I did this one last night for another challenge on Club CK using a sketch provided by Jess.  I did a two-page layout and just flipped the sketch for the second page.  I wanted to do a fun one for our time at the MIM in Santiago.  The kids loved it so much there so I wanted to show that.

This last one is of Aidan after he licked the beaters clean - mmm, mmm, good!

Aidan's Prayers & Kirsi is "beautiful"

Every night before bedtime, we say prayers with the kids and then they get to say who or what they're thankful for.  This past week, Aidan has been thankful for:

pillowslightsclosetsand garbage.And other family members, too.
When Kirsi put on her fairy wings for Halloween, Aidan looked at her and said "Sessy, you beautiful."


AISK had a very nice Halloween celebration after school today.  The students had many different activities like a haunted house, mad scientist lab, face painting, trick-or-treat, and throw-whipped-cream-pies-at-teachers.  Daddy let kids throw pies at him today.  Proceeds went towards building a new roof for a local hospital.

Fairy Princess & Dragon
Roaring Dragon
Smiling Dragon
Dancing Fairy Princess
Fairy Princess
Halloween Festivities at AISK's beautiful camps
Rainbow over the Blue Mountains
Kirsi throwing a pie in Daddy's Face

A new layout

On Wednesday, I turned 35.  For some reason, 35 strikes me as getting older.  My early 30s were fine and I never gave it a second thought, but 35 is a little tougher to swallow.  Probably because now I'm starting on the upper end of the 30s.  So, I decided to do a scrapbooking layout about me, something I don't do much.

I liked how it came together and how the journalling came first and the layout fell into place after that.  What's even cooler is that my layout was highlighted this week over on the Club Creating Keepsakes blog. I was so excited to hear that!

Here's the gallery where it was highlighted.

An essential gardening tool

Machetes are essential for gardening here in Jamaica, it seems.  When we drop Der and Kirsi off for school, we often see gardeners heading to work or already at it, and they more often than not have a machete in hand.  They come in handy for chopping down vines but they're also used for trimming hedges, bushes and trees and even for edging grass.  Only this morning did I see my first set of hedge trimmers.  Just another reminder we're in the tropics.  :)

This and That

Yesterday after lunch, we turned on the TV and found gymnastics (on CBC by the way).  Kirsi loved watching the girls perform on the balance beam, uneven bars and floor and she watched it for quite a while.  She also loves watching soccer - where she gets that from is beyond us!

Last night, Der and I watched a movie on TV and afterwards we were flipping through the channels and came across hockey highlights.  It has been YEARS since we've watched them (other than when we visit at home) so it was cool to do that.  Then we came across a hockey game on CBC and remembered that it was Hockey Night in Canada.  And we found out that we have TSN too.  It's really neat to have Canadian TV stations while overseas; it's like a little taste of home.

It's been a sick week for us, unfortunately.  It started off last week when Der, Kirsi and Aidan all got colds.  Then they got better and we went to the coast for a vacation, which was great.  On Saturday, Kirsi got a fever and it was o…

Winnifred Beach

After Reach Falls, we went to Port Antonio for KFC.  Everyone says that KFC here is much better than in North America so we had to try it, but we didn't notice any difference.  Oh well. :)  We then drove to Winnifred Beach, a beautiful public beach that was almost empty - maybe 10 families on a huge strip of white sand.

The water was warm, the sky was blue, and the sand was fun to play in.  We stayed all afternoon and had supper at a little seaside cafe called "Cynthia and Painter's."  Daddy had a big tuna supper while everyone else had chicken.  It was very good, especially bammy - the fried bread.  Afterwards, we headed home for a shower and some sleep.

Reach Falls

After breakfast on Saturday, we headed to Reach Falls, which is known as one of the most beautiful falls in Jamaica.

We had a great time.  Daddy, Kirsi, and Aidan (along with Curtis the lifeguard) climbed upriver about 150 m past the falls.  The kids did great and did pretty much all of it by themselves.  They only needed some lifting here and there over a rock or across some deep water.  The falls are set amongst a beautiful jungle setting.

Relaxing on the deck at the cabin before heading out:

Reach Falls:

Climbing above the falls:

Reach Falls again:

Kirsi doing a little dance:

A shack just outside of the falls area:

Roadside sign:

That was our morning - pretty amazing day so far.

Weekend Trip - Day 1

This weekend is a long weekend, 5 days for students and 4 for staff.  So, Friday morning we headed north through the Blue Mountains and then east to Port Antonio.  We then followed the coast down to a small town called Manchioneal.  There we spent two nights at Zion Country, which consisted of 4 small cabins on a little beach area.

Here's a couple of churches on the drive to Manchioneal.

We spent the rest of the day on Friday picking shells and throwing stones in the harbour where a family of manatees normally feed.  Unfortunately, this year they haven't been around much so we weren't able to see them.

Our cabin:

The island just off the coast:

A friend that came to visit - and to crawl under Mommy's bum.

Kirsi teaching Daddy to dance:

We hooked up the hammock that was in the cabin and the kids had fun hanging out in it:

At night, the tree frogs starting singing.  Here's a video: turn up the sound.