Friday, September 17, 2010

Aidan is too funny

A little background on this story...Aidan watched an episode of "Go, Diego, Go", his favourite TV show, and it was about penguins.  And, for lunch, he had some ham, cheese and crackers.

Our conversation at lunch today:
Aidan:  Penguins eat this? (pointing at the cheese)
Me:  No, penguins don't eat cheese.  Penguins eat fish.
A:  Oh.  No eat cheese?
M:  No, they eat fish.
A:  Oh.
M:  People eat cheese.  Boys and girls eat cheese.  Men and ladies eat cheese.
A:  Men eat cheese?
M:  Yes.
A:  Robots eat cheese?
M:  No, robots don't eat cheese.
A:  Oh.

Kids come up with the most random things.  Too funny.
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