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Tropical Storm Nicole

It's Day 2 of no school here because of excessive rain. It rained a lot in Sri Lanka but not this hard or for this long. It's essentially been 3 days of rain, lightning, and thunder. One set of thunder rattled the front door hard. We've never seen lightning, thunder, or rain like this before.
Apparently, a hurricane is similar to this (plus low clouds) but we haven't see very strong winds.
Some of the students say this is the perfect weather to cuddle up in a blanket to stay warm. It's in the 20s and I'm wearing nothing but shorts. It's all about what you're used to...:)

Emancipation Park

On Sunday, we went to church, which was nice.  The church was huge - it had to be 100 feet high at least.  There was a drummer, a pianist, a guy on trumpet, and a choir.  Father had a very challenging sermon and the whole experience was very nice.  We were in there for around 2 hours, though, but the kids did pretty well.

After church, we went on a little drive to New Kingston, which is the business district.  There we saw Emancipation Park, which had the follow statute to commemorate the emancipation of Jamaica's 300,000 slaves in the 1830s.

Hope Botanical Gardens and Hope Zoo

Last Saturday, we went to the Hope Botanical Gardens and the Hope Zoo.

The Botanical Gardens are beautiful with lots of grassy areas, tall palms, and the Blue Mountains in the background.  We went for a nice walk while we were waiting for the zoo to open.

As for the zoo, it had 4 things going for it.

1) A lady selling souvenirs in a small booth outside the entrance sang the entire time, which was kind of nice to hear.  Zero customers but still happy!
2) The guy who took our tickets was really friendly.
3) The grounds are beautiful.
4) The iguanas, who usually get a small glass aquarium in most zoos, were living large and in charge in this zoo.  They actually had cages that provided them with more space than I've ever seen in a zoo.  And there were a lot of iguanas.

Other than that, there were 3 flamingos, about 5 sad alligators (one with his left eye missing), some hawks and owls, turtles, mongooses (who were brought in to help with the rats but apparently they took out a whole lo…

San San Beach

Yesterday, we took our new 1997 Honda van and headed north through the Blue Mountains to a small beach called San San.  The road wound through the mountains and it took us 2.5 hours in total.  We saw some beautiful scenery - everything is very lush and green.  We arrived around 10 and paid the small entrance fee before unpacking and settling under a large tree.  No one else was around!

We took the kids out as deep as we could.  Aidan liked the waves but it took Kirsi some getting used to.  We swam and played in the sand.  After lunch, we headed home with two very exhausted children.  They slept all the way home.  Great beach though!

We've got wheels!

Oh the freedom!  Now that we don't have to rely on taxis to deliver us here and there, we don't know what to do with ourselves.  Actually, we do.  We're so thankful to be able to have the kids buckled into the carseats and know that they would be safe if we were ever to get in an accident.

Fall Days LO

Since I've picked up some new digital goodies, I've been using some of my new kits.  I scrapbooked these fall pictures of the kids this past May in Santiago using Katie Pertiet's Autumn Days kit.

Aidan is too funny

A little background on this story...Aidan watched an episode of "Go, Diego, Go", his favourite TV show, and it was about penguins.  And, for lunch, he had some ham, cheese and crackers.

Our conversation at lunch today:
Aidan:  Penguins eat this? (pointing at the cheese)
Me:  No, penguins don't eat cheese.  Penguins eat fish.
A:  Oh.  No eat cheese?
M:  No, they eat fish.
A:  Oh.
M:  People eat cheese.  Boys and girls eat cheese.  Men and ladies eat cheese.
A:  Men eat cheese?
M:  Yes.
A:  Robots eat cheese?
M:  No, robots don't eat cheese.
A:  Oh.

Kids come up with the most random things.  Too funny.

Let's Fun

In Santiago, there's a little kid amusement park called Mampato.  We discovered it this year and our kids absolutely loved going to it.  This layout is of the last time we went there before we left.  The sign welcoming you to the park says "Let's Fun", hence the title.

Sweetie Pie

I started taking another class on digital scrapbooking and this layout comes from Lesson 1 of Jessica Sprague's Now We're Rockin'.