Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer time

So, I had a huge blog all ready to go, but forgot that I can't copy and paste from Word into Blogger for some silly reason.  I have no intention of figuring out how to get it on here because the last time I tried, it took hours and much frustration entailed.  So, here's a brief summary:

* We flew home on June 18th and it's been great to be back.  We've seen lots of our family and the kids have been having a blast.  Simba is doing well with his Canadian transition, thank goodness.  He enjoys being at my mom's place and has made himself at home.

* The kids have been busy playing outside, despite the mosquitoes, and they love it.  They love going out to the farm to jump on the trampoline, throw sticks into the water for Taz to retrieve them and checking the cows.  Aidan got his first tractor ride and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

* We went to my cousin, Sean's, wedding and Kirsi absolutely loved dancing.  She could have gone all night.  We need to find another wedding to go to.  :)

* We've gone up to Wellman Lake with Brody, Hannah, Ian, Rhonda, Nana and Papa and enjoyed lake life - hiking, beach time, swimming, boating, tubing. 

* We still have lots of time in Swan River before heading back to Saskatchewan.
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