Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Phew...our moving sale is done!!  Last week was spent getting ready for it and it was held on Friday and Saturday.    It was absolute chaos, mainly because the ladies we hired to do it didn't give themselves enough time to price everything and they were pricing frantically up to the last possible minute.  I'm glad we had them do the sale, though, because there were lots of people who came.  We sold most of our big stuff, still a couple tables left and a sofa but we should be able to get rid of those soon. Not only were we dealing with the sale, but we had to take DD to the ER on Thursday evening and it turns out she has a double ear infection.  Then we had to go again with DH and it turns out he has bronchitis.  Aidan has a cough but so far, it's not too bad.  And I'm coming down with something but hopefully I can fight it on my own.

Yesterday, we took a day for our family, just to try to give the kids a fun time without the move dominating our lives!  We took some things over to our housekeeper's house and we had a great visit with her.  Then we took the kids to a little kids' amusement park here.  They absolutely love it so it was a great day for them. 

This week is busy with paperwork stuff.  Today, we have to close our bank accounts and get our money in US dollars, which will take forever.  And we have to close down our phone and internet bill.  Then we have to get our international driver's licenses and certificates from the municipality proving that we don't have any outstanding fines or tickets or anything.  Then we take the dog to the vet to get her to fill out a form for him to leave the country.   Tomorrow, I go to the airport to get the vet certificate approved by the ministry of agriculture and then have to cancel the thing we have to keep track of the tolls on the highways around here.  Wednesday is when we're having people pick up all of our stuff and take it to a charity.  That's also when we're transferring the car over to the new owner.  Thursday is banking day, getting all of our Chilean pesos transferred to US dollars.

And then we fly Friday.  I will be soooooo happy to get on to Canadian soil and relax for a few weeks before the excitement begins again.
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