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Busy, busy, busy

Phew...our moving sale is done!!  Last week was spent getting ready for it and it was held on Friday and Saturday.    It was absolute chaos, mainly because the ladies we hired to do it didn't give themselves enough time to price everything and they were pricing frantically up to the last possible minute.  I'm glad we had them do the sale, though, because there were lots of people who came.  We sold most of our big stuff, still a couple tables left and a sofa but we should be able to get rid of those soon. Not only were we dealing with the sale, but we had to take DD to the ER on Thursday evening and it turns out she has a double ear infection.  Then we had to go again with DH and it turns out he has bronchitis.  Aidan has a cough but so far, it's not too bad.  And I'm coming down with something but hopefully I can fight it on my own.

Yesterday, we took a day for our family, just to try to give the kids a fun time without the move dominating our lives!  We t…

What a week!

It's been quite a week in the Kitch household, between stress for the move and lots of socializing! 

On Monday morning, Aidan woke up with lots of sleep in his eyes but I didn't think anything of it.  So, we got our groceries and then I did lots of organizing for the move.  As the morning went on, though, I knew something was up.  There was some goop in his eyes, which has never happened before.  I put him down for his nap and decided to book an appointment for him with a pediatrician.  When he woke up, there was quite a bit of gunk and his one eye was a little bit pink in the corner.  We all trekked to the clinic and saw a doctor.  She said that he did have conjunctivitis and after looking at his throat, she noticed that he had "mocos" (not sure how she knew by looking at his throat).  She said that he either wasn't completely over his old cold or was getting another one.  She prescribed some drops and ointment for his eyes for 5 days.  Aidan was so good at the …