Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Phew...our moving sale is done!!  Last week was spent getting ready for it and it was held on Friday and Saturday.    It was absolute chaos, mainly because the ladies we hired to do it didn't give themselves enough time to price everything and they were pricing frantically up to the last possible minute.  I'm glad we had them do the sale, though, because there were lots of people who came.  We sold most of our big stuff, still a couple tables left and a sofa but we should be able to get rid of those soon. Not only were we dealing with the sale, but we had to take DD to the ER on Thursday evening and it turns out she has a double ear infection.  Then we had to go again with DH and it turns out he has bronchitis.  Aidan has a cough but so far, it's not too bad.  And I'm coming down with something but hopefully I can fight it on my own.

Yesterday, we took a day for our family, just to try to give the kids a fun time without the move dominating our lives!  We took some things over to our housekeeper's house and we had a great visit with her.  Then we took the kids to a little kids' amusement park here.  They absolutely love it so it was a great day for them. 

This week is busy with paperwork stuff.  Today, we have to close our bank accounts and get our money in US dollars, which will take forever.  And we have to close down our phone and internet bill.  Then we have to get our international driver's licenses and certificates from the municipality proving that we don't have any outstanding fines or tickets or anything.  Then we take the dog to the vet to get her to fill out a form for him to leave the country.   Tomorrow, I go to the airport to get the vet certificate approved by the ministry of agriculture and then have to cancel the thing we have to keep track of the tolls on the highways around here.  Wednesday is when we're having people pick up all of our stuff and take it to a charity.  That's also when we're transferring the car over to the new owner.  Thursday is banking day, getting all of our Chilean pesos transferred to US dollars.

And then we fly Friday.  I will be soooooo happy to get on to Canadian soil and relax for a few weeks before the excitement begins again.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

What a week!

It's been quite a week in the Kitch household, between stress for the move and lots of socializing! 

On Monday morning, Aidan woke up with lots of sleep in his eyes but I didn't think anything of it.  So, we got our groceries and then I did lots of organizing for the move.  As the morning went on, though, I knew something was up.  There was some goop in his eyes, which has never happened before.  I put him down for his nap and decided to book an appointment for him with a pediatrician.  When he woke up, there was quite a bit of gunk and his one eye was a little bit pink in the corner.  We all trekked to the clinic and saw a doctor.  She said that he did have conjunctivitis and after looking at his throat, she noticed that he had "mocos" (not sure how she knew by looking at his throat).  She said that he either wasn't completely over his old cold or was getting another one.  She prescribed some drops and ointment for his eyes for 5 days.  Aidan was so good at the doctor - he was so brave and didn't cry once!  We went on the hunt for the meds and had to hit up three pharmacies before we found both things.  Since he had been such a good boy, we decided to go for a muffin at Starbucks and then play a little while at the playground.  

Tuesday was an insane day.  I had my physio appointment from 9:30 to 11:00.  Then, I had to go to the grocery store to cancel our Presto credit card (it's a card that we use in one grocery store to get discounts).  Of course, I got the new girl so it took an hour to get it all done.  Thankfully, I had my book with me so I was able to read while waiting.  :)  I got home after noon and then I was trying to finish getting my scrapbooking stuff sorted and ready for the movers.  I was interrupted three times while doing it so I'd have to leave what I was doing, go and deal with whatever and then come back to it.  Then, I had my tutoring session.  We had a quick supper and put the kids to bed.  And, lo and behold, Aidan started getting a runny nose.  The doctor was right about him getting another cold!

At 8:30, I headed over to my friend, Mary Brett's house for a good-bye get-together for my scrapbooking friends.  It was so nice to see everyone that I've scrapbooked with over the last four years - Clara, Julie M, Mary Brett, Elizabeth, Joanna and Jill.  If only Julie W. could have been there!  :)  We had a great evening visiting and catching up and exchanging a few last scrappy memories. 

Wednesday was just as crazy as Tuesday.  Der stayed home because his eyes were bugging him and he thought he might have conjunctivitis.  It worked out well for me - poor Der! - because I was able to leave the kids with him while I went to the bank to close out our credit cards, which ended up taking over an hour when it was all said and done.  Then I ran to the real estate agency that handles the rental of our house and picked up the paperwork we needed from them for the move.  Here in Chile, in order to have a moving company pack up your things and ship them (even if it's within the city), you need a document called a "salvocoducto".  It's a legal document you get from the notary that protects landlords from bad renters.  You have to provide a letter from the landlord saying that it's fine for you to move out, proof of payment of the last month's rent, copies of three paid utility bills from the last month and photocopies of your ID.  I think it's a good idea, if only it weren't such a pain to deal with the notary offices here.  We went to the notary in the afternoon, just before they went for lunch at 2:00 and managed to get it all done within half an hour, which is pretty good for the notary.  We had a super helpful lady who was also really fast.  Thank goodness! 

That night, Kirsi and I went to the farewell party that our friends, Darlene, Rick and Antonia, hosted for us.  Obviously, it was meant for the whole family but since the boys had eye problems, it was just the girls at the party.  :)  Darlene and Rick have a beautiful house out in the canyon and it's always so nice to go out there.  There were tons of people who came to say good-bye and it was so nice to see them all.  Since we did it early enough, I don't think of it as good-bye yet so there were no tears, just good visits and good food! 

Thursday was a big day for appointments for me and in between, I tried to tie up as many loose ends for the move as possible.  I had my last physio appointment in the morning.  Then I tutored and then I had the second appointment for my root canal.  It was sort-of sad that it was my last physio appointment.  I love my physiotherapist, Maria Jose, and my shoulder feels so darn good after the heat and electric current and then Maria Jose massaging it a ton.  The dentist appointment took forever - an hour and 45 minutes!!  She didn't go down far enough the first time so she had to do some more work and give me four doses of anesthesia again.  She had to take four x-rays to make sure everything was good.  Der sent me a text message making sure everything was OK!  I got home just before 7:00 and we had to leave at 7:00 to go out for dinner.  I flew into the house, got changed and we all hopped in the car.  Thank goodness Der had the kids ready to go!

Laurent, our friend Marie's husband, works at the Hyatt hotel in Santiago and he is leaving for France so he invited us to join him for dinner at the hotel.  We were supposed to meet him at 7:30 but we were afraid we'd be late with me getting home later than expected and then the traffic.  Thankfully, the traffic was lighter in some places so we managed to get there only five minutes late!  One of our favourite restaurants here in Santiago is Anakena, where you can get good Thai food.  So, Laurent met us there and we had a great dinner with him.  The kids did amazingly well too!  They were so well behaved in a fancy restaurant and ate well too.  We were so proud of them!  We stayed until 10:00 and it was such a nice evening.  Great food and a great visit with Laurent.

Friday was the big day.  The movers came at 8:45 to get set up.  Senor Julio was the man in charge of the packing team and he was great.  As soon as he came in, he set up a box for the kids and cut a door out of it so they could play in their new house.  :)  What a great idea!  The other two guys were really good too.  Pascuala made sure that they had tea, coffee and cookies to snack on and had sandwiches and some Coke ready for a little later.  They took their time and did a great job packing everything up and they were really professional.  We were very happy with how they did their job.  Now, let's hope everything goes this smoothly from now until we're in Jamaica.  Fingers crossed!

The kids have done so amazingly well with everything.  They've been awesome.  They've been understanding with all the changes and haven't freaked out about anything.  They didn't care that their toys were being packed up or that our stuff was being taken away.  They've dealt with their mommy being gone a lot more during the days when Pascuala is here (so that she could run away and deal with all the moving stuff). 

Saturday morning, I went for breakfast with a fellow Canadian that I met through a mutual friend.  We've done group things together and done playdates with the kids but we hadn't been out just the two of us before and it was great!!  We talked about everything under the sun and it was just a great conversation.  She took me out for dinner at Senso at the Hyatt and it was delicious!  Definitely a great breakfast place here.  We actually lost track of time - when was the last time that happened?!

When I was coming home, I got a call from Monica asking if Kirsi wanted to go with Agu to her ballet class.  I guess she'd been trying to get a hold of me all morning but for some reason, my crazy phone didn't ring.  And I wasn't home yet and it was time to leave.  So, I called home, told Kirsi to get her dance stuff ready and I'd pick her up quickly.  It was a whirlwind but we made it!  And Kirsi started out the class with all the girls and did the whole class!!  It was so great to see her doing all the stuff with the other girls and so involved.  It melts my heart! 

I ran home and picked up Aidan and we ended up spending the whole afternoon with Agu, Monica and Monica's mom who is visiting from Paraguay.  It was such a great afternoon, just hanging out with great friends.  Kirsi and Agu are going to miss each other so, so much and not having Monica close by will make a huge void for me.  I know we're going to have to plan Skype dates to make sure we keep in touch.  I refuse to think of saying good-bye just yet - it's just too hard.

Today, we went to church in the morning, after a very rough night.  Aidan rolled off his mattress on to the floor just after 2:00 so we were both up.  Then, he couldn't get back to sleep and when I hear the kids, I don't sleep.  He was up for over an hour and then Kirsi woke up and they were both awake for at least half an hour.  I didn't get back to sleep until 5:30, which really sucks, especially when you're exhausted.  It's surprising that we made it to Mass, but we're glad that we did.  We visited with everyone there over coffee and treats, our last social with our St. George's community. 

This afternoon, Der and I did some major organizing and getting ready for the moving sale ladies to come in tomorrow.  We've got four suitcases already packed and ready to go and the rest of our stuff won't take long to throw together.  Kirsi and Aidan watched The Heffalump Movie (with Pooh and Friends) and they loved it!  This is the first full-length movie that Kirsi will watch.  We used the TV to help us out today, something we never do.  But it helped us get so much work done so we don't feel bad about it.  :)  They also loved watching The Life of Mammals with Sir David Attenborough and Kirsi even watched a fight scene between mandrills, something that we never dreamed was possible!

So, yes, it was a hectic week.  If you actually made it to the end of this, I salute you!  :)  I decided that I needed to blog this so that I can look back on this crazy time of our life and see what we did and how we managed it.

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