Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's new with us?

Not a whole lot, really.  I mean, yes, the shippers will be here in 3 weeks and yes, the moving sale will be happening in 4 weeks and yes, we will be leaving this country in 5 weeks.  But, you know.  Actually, it really is going smoothly.  We started the whole process early which was the key.  Once we knew we'd be moving to Jamaica, we got the shippers booked in February and then the moving sale ladies.  That eliminated a lot of the pressure when you wait till later.  We've had lots of different lists of what needs to get done and when.  We know what we need to do to take Simba with us - which all happens the last week anyways - and also for all the bills.  It's been time consuming but at least I've been able to work at it slowly, a little bit here and there.  We're feeling really good about it all.

Kirsi and I went to the dentist again this week.  She had to get a fluoride treatment on her teeth and she did great!  She was nervous but she held one of the stuffed animals the dentist had there and my hand.  The dentist kept saying how good she was being.  After Kirsi's appointment, I went back for the dentist to check out the tooth that's been bugging me ever since he filled it a few months ago.  It turns out that the filling is close to the nerve and that's why it's bugging me.  Solution?  Root canal.  Lovely.  So, I'll have to get that scheduled in soon before all the action starts happening.

Aidan is talking up a storm now and his sense of humour is coming through.  Last night, he came up to me with a fake flower and went to poke me in the nose with the stem, all the while saying, "Pick your nose."  What a kid!  :)  He'll go around doing something he's not supposed to be doing and then says, "Teasing".  He's also getting into EVERYTHING now, I mean everything.  It's like he's searching for danger.  He's going to give me a heart attack before long!

Der is THIS close to finishing his master's so he's super happy, and I'm so proud of him.  He's managed to get it done with having two kids and still managing to get home and spend time with them.  It'll be so nice for him to have it done.

And me, well, I'm still scrapbooking and loving it.  It's truly become a passion of mine and I love to use it as my creative outlet. 

That's it for us.  I'll try to update a little more often.  :)
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