Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding, Mother's Day, and life in general

Long time no blog!

About 5 weekends ago, we were invited to Pascuala's son's wedding (Juan y Natalie).  We drove out to Maipu for the ceremony.  It was a real privilege to have been invited since it was a small wedding and we weren't family. Our babysitter had to cancel unfortunately so Dana and I missed the reception but it was nice for the kids to be there.

On Mother's Day, Aidan, Kirsi and Daddy took Mommy to the Buin Zoo after church.  It was beautifully hot autumn day and a lot of the animals were quite active, especially the ones in the Nocturnal House.  Going to the zoo on Mother's Day has become our Chilean tradition, going on 3 years now.

Going to the Buin Zoo on Mother's Day has become our Chilean way of celebrating Kirsi and Aidan's great Mommy!

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