Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dance Class

Kirsi's good friend, Agustina, takes a ballet class and Kirsi has been wanting to go watch her for a long time.  Yesterday, we were finally able to join Agu at her lesson.  The teachers were so sweet and asked Kirsi to join in right in the beginning.  Since it was a new situation, Kirsi took a while to get warmed up.  She stayed outside the studio with Monica and me for the first half of the class and watched.  She did all the movements as the girls but with me.  Agu was dying for Kirsi to join them so when it was time to play a game called "Statues", Agu convinced Kirsi to come in.  I went in and the teacher was so sweet and explained everything to Kirsi so she understood.  Kirs was pretty nervous but once she was with the teacher and playing the game, she was focused on that and not on me.  So, I slipped out and got some cute videos.  We've posted them to our Photobucket account if you'd like to see them (email me for the password).  We can't post them here because there are the other little girls in the video also. 

It was so, so sweet and it made my heart melt to see her dancing.  So beautiful!
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