Friday, May 21, 2010

Aidan & Mampato

After my graduation ceremony for my Master's Degree last night, we went to Burger King to celebrate.  :)  It was late and the kids were tired so we just went the fast food route.

Three blocks from BK, Aidan started to point out where the restaurant is.  "French Fries, right dere," he'd say.

So, we drive up and Dana places our order.  For some reason, we had to wait for a long time for the food.  Aidan, sitting in his car seat, started to get impatient for his beloved French Fries.  He would put his arms out to the side, palms up, and say "doing?"  That was his way of asking what the BK guys were doing.  He couldn't believe that it was taking so long.
This morning, I crawled into bed with Aidan at 5:30, his usual waking up time lately.  He went back to sleep for a little while and while he was sleeping he said "strawberries, yum, yum, yum."
Two weeks ago, we went to Mampato, a local, small amusement park.  The kids had a great time.  Kirsi would go back every day if she could.  Here's some photos of our fun day.

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