Friday, April 16, 2010

Today was a big day for Kirsi.  She spent the afternoon with her friend, Agustina, without either Der or me there.  This is a huge deal!  Kirsi is fine with Pascuala, our nana, and with our friend, Marie, and her son, Yoann.  But other than that, she's nervous about staying somewhere, even for a short while, without Mommy or Daddy.

Agustina didn't have school today, so I took the kids over to play.  Kirsi and Agu play so well together - they enjoy each other's company a lot and have a ton of fun together.  We stayed for a couple hours and then I had to leave to take Aidan to a doctor's appointment.  Kirsi was totally fine staying with Agu and Marilu and didn't blink an eye when I left.  I called Marilu after the appointment and she said they were still having a great time so I picked Simba up from his haircut and took Aidan home for a nap.  We picked Kirsi up at 3:45 and she was excited to see us and tell us all about her day.  Marilu said she was missing Mommy around 3:00 or so but then the girls got to watch some TV and curl up on the bed so they were happy.

We're so proud of our big girl.  :)  Just another step on her road to growing up.

And Aidan has some big news.  On Wednesday, I decided to turn his carseat around.  I'm an advocate for extended rear-facing in carseats as it is much, much safer for the child.  But his legs were starting to look so squished and uncomfortable (though he never complained once).  So, I decided it was time and Der was fine with it.  So, he's now forward facing and he likes it.  I think it's a bit strange for him to have his legs hanging down instead of being up but he seems to like seeing out ahead of him and facing the same way as Kirsi.
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