Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter and Birthday

Easter was lots of fun for both kids with our indoor and outdoor egg hunt. They had a blast! And they both enjoyed dyeing eggs too. Since Sunday was also Kirsi's birthday, we wanted to do something extra special for her so she wouldn't just think it was all Easter stuff. So, I took her to get her nails done - which she absolutely loved - and to Starbucks for a muffin. Then, we all took her out to dinner to her favourite restaurant here, Applebees.

Monday, Aidan came down with a funny cough but I didn't think anything of it until that night when he was wheezing a bit and coughing all night long. I knew it was a form of croup, so off to the doctor in the morning. She told me that it was the beginnings of it but he didn't have a cough that was bad enough to need the steroid mask (thank goodness). So, we got some stuff to help with the inflammation of the throat and the cough but not much else we could do since it's a virus.

Yesterday was Kirsi's birthday party. We invited all her playgroup friends plus some of her other friends, so it was a total of 12 kids at our place, along with their parents. Definitely a full house but lots of love! After a few kids arrived, Kirsi complained of having a really sore tummy and was almost crying. Since I was busy hosting, I let Derwin take care of her. Inside I was panicking - what if she has a tummy bug? What if she barfs all over the place? That lasted about half an hour; then I went upstairs to be with her. I saw that she was fine playing with her best friend upstairs and wasn't complaining of the sore tummy so I figured out what was wrong. She was so anxious and stressed out about so many kids at her party! She likes playing with friends but she's not a natural when it comes to big group settings so she has to get used to it. We haven't been to playgroup in a few months so she wasn't used to seeing so many kids at once. Once we figured it out and she verbalized it, no more problems. She knew she could go upstairs if she needed a break and we had a great time after that.

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