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You learn something new every day

Last night, we went out to dinner with some friends that we hadn't gotten together with in a long, long time.  It was great food and great conversation.  Since it was a bit of a celebratory event, with both of us moving on to a different and exciting location, we decided to order a bottle of wine.  It was up to me to order since I "know more" about wine.  I don't know if I know more, but I know what I like and don't like.  I don't like really acid-y wines nor do I like very full-bodied, wood-y wines.  So, generally I stick with Cabarnet Sauvignon wines here in Chile.  I had had a CS from a certain vineyard and it was quite good so I chose that one off the menu, but it was a "step up" (reserva especial) from the one I'd had.  So I thought we were safe.

When they opened the wine and got me to try, I almost spit it out.  It was horrible, awful, blech!  I got my friend to try it, thinking that maybe it was just me and my tastebuds.  She thought it w…

Digi layout

I had taken a big break from learning how to do digital layouts because I ran into a few speedbumps.  Tonight, I decided to go on to the next step and come back to the frustrating re-colouring bit later, when I needed to. 

I'm taking my online class with Jessica Sprague ( and she's a great teacher.  This quick layout is from her class that I'm taking. 

I know that not all layouts will not be this easy but it's such a cool option to be able to put together something so quickly if I want to.  

Today was a big day for Kirsi.  She spent the afternoon with her friend, Agustina, without either Der or me there.  This is a huge deal!  Kirsi is fine with Pascuala, our nana, and with our friend, Marie, and her son, Yoann.  But other than that, she's nervous about staying somewhere, even for a short while, without Mommy or Daddy.

Agustina didn't have school today, so I took the kids over to play.  Kirsi and Agu play so well together - they enjoy each other's company a lot and have a ton of fun together.  We stayed for a couple hours and then I had to leave to take Aidan to a doctor's appointment.  Kirsi was totally fine staying with Agu and Marilu and didn't blink an eye when I left.  I called Marilu after the appointment and she said they were still having a great time so I picked Simba up from his haircut and took Aidan home for a nap.  We picked Kirsi up at 3:45 and she was excited to see us and tell us all about her day.  Marilu said she was missing Mommy aro…

SCAL info and a Great Scrapbook Giveaway

I've joined a couple scrapbooking message boards and they're great!  There are wonderful people there who share their ideas, knowledge and opinions on anything scrapbooking.  It's been a great way for me to gain inspiration and try out some new techniques.

A friend there has a blog and has many tips, tricks and ideas on her blog.  If you are interested in learning some new things or participating in a giveaway, click on this link.

Easter and Birthday

Easter was lots of fun for both kids with our indoor and outdoor egg hunt. They had a blast! And they both enjoyed dyeing eggs too. Since Sunday was also Kirsi's birthday, we wanted to do something extra special for her so she wouldn't just think it was all Easter stuff. So, I took her to get her nails done - which she absolutely loved - and to Starbucks for a muffin. Then, we all took her out to dinner to her favourite restaurant here, Applebees.

Monday, Aidan came down with a funny cough but I didn't think anything of it until that night when he was wheezing a bit and coughing all night long. I knew it was a form of croup, so off to the doctor in the morning. She told me that it was the beginnings of it but he didn't have a cough that was bad enough to need the steroid mask (thank goodness). So, we got some stuff to help with the inflammation of the throat and the cough but not much else we could do since it's a virus.

Yesterday was Kirsi…

Simba in Sri Lanka

I've been slowly scanning our old negatives and came across this photo of Simba in our yard in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Here's Simba in our can see the waterfall in our living room behind him.

Easter Weekend

Der has had a long, long Easter weekend and it has been so much fun!  We've been keeping busy and it's great.  :)

Thursday morning we had to get our notice letter to the landlord notarized - a lovely experience as always! - and then delivered it to make sure they have plenty of time to find someone else to live here.  Then we did some organizing around the house for the move.  We've been going for walks after supper for a while now and the kids and Simba really enjoy it.

Friday morning, we did more sorting and organizing.  We made a lot of headway so it shouldn't be too much work to get it sorted closer to the end.  Because the kids were so good while we were working both days, we decided to go for a long walk and make a trip to a different playground.  It was nice to do something out of the ordinary.  Then we went to one of their favourite playgrounds and let them go to it!  After nap, we took a drive around the area and took photos of some of our favourite spots and …