Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kirsi's Prayer & Looting

At supper last night, we asked  Kirsi to lead us in prayers:

Come Lord Jesus
Be our guest
And let this food
Unto us be fresh

You gotta love kids!

3 more earthquakes/aftershocks during the night last night.  A couple of real good shakes.

School is closed this week as there is no electricity there.  They've been running on generators but that's consuming fuel that is in short supply right now.  The hospitals rightly get fuel first.

Lots of looting going on.  Someone came to Pascuala's door the other night and said that he was from Concepcion and that he had nothing.  Pascuala's neighbor shouted out "don't believe him, he lives down the street."

And it's not like they're taking food or water or blankets; they're taking TVs and washing machines.  It's just opportunistic thievery at it's best.

As well, some are freaking out with the groceries here.  A friend was shopping and she had her cart loaded up.  She went to get some item down the isle and someone else took her cart just because it was already loaded.  It's a weird mass mob mentality as the shelves are fully stocked and no one is going without (at least in our neighborhood) anything.

For us, it's life as normal except for the fact that we still have one bathtub full of water just in case we love water for a while.  We've also got a few extra groceries lying around and we're careful about not driving the car unless necessary.
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