Thursday, March 11, 2010

A big one

Today, just before noon, we had another big shaking up.  They are now telling us it was a 6.9, though earlier reports said 7.2; all I know was that it was big.  The kids and I were just leaving the playground at Lider when it happened.  We were driving so we didn't feel anything at first.  Then we stopped to turn left and I saw the windows of a store across the street moving.  It was like they were shaking, like waves.  But I figured they were just repairing the shop and that's why.  But then, a second later, I felt the car moving.  I asked the kids whether they were moving around and shaking the car and Kirsi said no.  It was such a weird sensation, like we were in a boat in really rough water.  Like riding the big waves.

When we managed to turn, I saw a man who had gotten out of his car and was talking to another man.  He motioned that there was shaking and then I got it.  We were in the middle of another earthquake!  I didn't feel anything else but apparently it lasted at least 20 seconds.  They say that it measured 6.9 and I believe it because we were moving, big time.

We were at home for about 10 minutes when we felt the ground moving again.  Nothing like we had just been in but it was enough to rattle the gate outside and move the light fixture in the living room and rattle the pictures on the walls.  From that one, my head started spinning, like I'd just been on a ride at an amusement park and I'm still feeling goofy 4 1/2 hours later! 

Nido evacuated to the fields and parks outside and they were out there until 2:30.  Der was busy taking groups of kids from their teachers up to their parents who were waiting at the gate.  He made at least 25 trips up and down in the hot sun; he's tired and sunburned now.  The kids were well prepared and did the duck, cover and hold with no problems.  The biggest problem was that the elementary students were out in the sun for over 2 1/2 hours with no lunch or bathroom breaks.  They did get some water later on. 

Here are some news articles on the quake:

We're all good, just shaken and stirred.  :)
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