Sunday, February 21, 2010

This and That

We've been settling back into our routine, now that Der is back at work.  We are still spending a lot of time outside while we can.  I think our pool days are coming to an end because the nights are getting quite cold and the mornings are often cloudy meaning that our (unheated) pool only gets a couple hours of sun to heat it up.  The water is pretty cold these days!

Monday, February 8th was an important day for Aidan (or maybe more for us).  We went to Antonia's birthday party, which was lots of fun, and we got home late.  Aidan was super tired so we put him to bed without his soother.  He went to bed very easily.  We decided to put all the soothers away and see how it would go.  He's never asked for it since, even when he's seen kids with their soothers.  Woo hoo!  That was an easy transition.

We've started potty training but it's going very slowly.  Aidan knows when he has peed or pooped in his diaper and tells us but hasn't yet done it in the potty.  We go when he wakes up in the morning and after nap but no success yet.  But Aidan loves sitting on the potty reading, so that's a good sign.

Aidan is talking up a storm now.  He will repeat anything you tell him and he loves reading his books.  He shows us the tractor, the excavator, dump truck and big rig in his truck book and says the words.  His speech is coming really well and he's putting two words together now - cat jump, birdie flying, truck vroom.

Kirsi has started t-ball again and she loves it.  She's riding her bike and is getting braver in the pool now too.   She's also doing great with her letters.  She can write her name now and we've been practicing writing other names.  She's not interested in doing the letters all by themselves but when they spell someone's name, she's right into it.  She also is playing a lot with her Playmobil safari set that she and Aidan got for Christmas - it's fantastic to see her imagination working so much. 

Der is super busy this semester.  Not only is he teaching full-time, but he's also taking two online courses.  He's doing training for ITGS for next year at AISK in Jamaica and he's also working on his thesis project for his master's.  He will be done his master's this semester as soon as he finishes this project.  So, he's got lots going on.

I'm still tutoring Asahi twice a week.  I would like to pick up another student or two as I enjoy working with the kids in our tutoring sessions.  I've started scrapbooking again after the holidays and it feels so great to get my creative juices flowing again.  I love it!  We're also busy getting things done before we leave in June.  We've got our plane tickets booked - we get to Regina on June 19th - and we've had the shippers come in to do an estimate.  We're doing dentist appointments and all those little things that have to get done.
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