Monday, February 01, 2010

Kirsi's First Day of School

Kirsi has been talking about going to school for quite a while now so when Der and I heard about the Vacation Bible School at San Marcos Church here in Santiago, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity for her.  It's just 3 hours a morning for this one week.  She was soooo excited about it.  She was so pumped up about it last night that she couldn't get to sleep; Nana had a lot of extra work to do to get her settled down.  This morning, she was ready really early and kept asking if it was time to leave yet.

We got there and she was totally into the colouring activity and didn't even need me around.  I was so proud of her.  There are 10 kids in her preschool group and the whole group is about 60 kids (I think).  After everyone got there, they did an introduction to the week and then all the kids got up and started singing and dancing.  Kirsi held her own for a while but then she got scared or nervous and started crying.  I went straight to her and stayed with her to sing and dance.  She did OK for a little while longer but then started crying again.  I took her outside and talked to her.  She just kept saying she was tired and wanted to go to sleep in her own bed.  I suggested that maybe she was a little nervous and at first, she didn't think so but then once she thought about it, she decided she was.  It was the first time she had been in a situation like that so she didn't even know what she was feeling.  But she came around and we went back in.

The kids then separated into their groups and I stayed with Kirsi all morning.  We did crafts with Ms. Jill first, then games with Ms. Charlotte and then a story and video with Mr. Mike.  We ended up with the bible story with the crew leaders Ms. Emily and Ms. Sue.  They had a little snack for the kids and then the day ended with the whole group getting together and talking about what they'd learned and some more songs and dancing.  Kirsi ended up liking it but she was exhausted!  By 12:00 her eyes were glassed over and she wasn't even dancing anymore. 

We've talked a lot about it today but it has taken a lot of prodding to get her share what she did today.  At least I was there to remind her and to get her to talk about it.  She's nervous about going back tomorrow but I know it'll get easier every day because she'll know what to expect.

On a sad note, today was Nana and Papa's last day with us.  We have enjoyed having them around and they've become part of our daily lives.  It's going to be a huge adjustment not having them around anymore.  We hope they have two great flights and good drive back home!
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