Saturday, December 12, 2009


This last week has been hectic in our household, to say the least. We've been trying to get our holiday down south organized but have been held up by car rental issues. Hopefully that'll be dealt with today so I can book the apartments or cabins for most of the trip.

Last Thursday, Simba went in for his surgery. This was the third time he had the cancerous growth on his lip removed but this time, the doctor took much more tissue in the hopes that he'll get the cancer removed once and for all. Simba came through it well. He has many more stitches this time and has to wear the plastic cone for 10 days. We go today for his 5-day-post-op appointment and then after 10 days the stitches come out and we'll find out the results of the biopsy. Let's hope that this is it!

Then Thursday night, we were eating dinner and Aidan didn't want to. So we let him out of his chair while we finished eating. He decided he wanted up and wanted to try some veggies. He had a small piece of red pepper and tried carrot for the first time. He had them in his mouth for about 10 minutes when he had a fit. He was screaming and crying and ended up choking on what he was eating. I flipped him upside down and managed to get out most of what he had in his mouth, which was very well chewed at this point. However, there was still a piece that he couldn't get out and kept coughing, trying to get it out. After about 10 minutes of this, we took him to the ER because it was still in there. The doctor that saw him was concerned about his uneven breathing so she had X-rays taken, as well as had an ENT doctor look at the top of his breathing area with a camera that went through his nose. He screamed bloody murder with this procedure and I honestly think that this was what cleared the lodged carrot because his breathing was totally normal after that.

However, the doctor wanted to make sure so she sent us to the main hospital (via ambulance!) to see a pulmonary specialist. You should have seen our little guy strapped to the gurney and looking around. They wheeled him out to the ambulance and loaded him and I sat in the back with him and a nurse. The whole time, he didn't make a peep. He even fell asleep in the ambulance. :) Once we got to the main hospital, the specialist said that is was very important that they be able to check out all possibilities so that no foreign body in his lungs or bronchial tubes. To do that, they needed to do a bronchoscopy, which meant Aidan had to be put under general anesthetic. Der and I both thought they would be going overboard but after consulting with our pediatrician, we decided to go through with it, just to make sure. I went home with Kirsi (yes, she was there with us the whole time!) and Der stayed with Aidan. The procedure was done around 10:30 and was over in half an hour. Thankfully, nothing was in there, though they did see an inflamed area where something had been lodged. Aidan and Der stayed overnight in the hospital.

Friday morning, Kirsi and I went to pick up Aidan and Der. It took over an hour for them to be discharged but by 10:30 we were on our way home. We decided we'd pick up Simba since we were already in the area. His surgery went well and the doctor is hopeful that he got all the cancer. Please keep our buddy in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday morning was a community garage sale that we'd been preparing for for weeks. It was busy but we got rid of a lot of stuff, especially the little junk. Unfortunately, they didn't want to spend more than $1 on any baby stuff, so I still have plenty of that.

Then Sunday, Kirsi got sick. She had a wicked, wicked stomach flu that hit her hard. It started with vomiting, then diarrhea, back to vomiting and then intense stomach pain and no energy. We let her be all day Sunday and all day Monday but by evening she was in so much pain and couldn't stop vomiting so I took her into the ER. She got an IV drip for the stomach pain (to release the gas and liquids caught in her tummy) and she got an anti-nausea med also. She was such a big girl - I was so proud of her. She kept still the whole time, even when they put the needle in. The nurses were great - one even explained to her how the needle worked and showed her everything (after it was all done, of course).

She only got better Friday. The other days, even though she didn't have diarrhea or was vomiting, she was sore and so weak that all she could do was lie around. She watched more Hi 5 and Franklin than she's watched in months! She's now feeling better, thank goodness!

So, yes, we've been busy. It seems like we've spent all our time and money in the clinics lately. Let's hope that this is it for a very, very long time!

Now, it's time to focus on Christmas. We're going to get baking and doing Christmas activities, though it's sort-of hard with it being summer. We've had 7 years of having hot Christmases but I don't think I'll ever get used to it.
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