Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jamaica bound

We accepted the contract offer from the American International School of Kingston for Der to be the Head of IT.  (Click on the school's name to go to the  website.)  He will also be teaching some IB Diploma classes.  He's very excited about the job, as they are looking at many different progressive tech options.  We're also excited about the opportunity to live in Jamaica.  Their culture and history sound fascinating and we can't wait to learn more about it, as well as explore the island.  Other than the job itself, the main reason we decided to go there is that it's much closer to home.  The flight will be short and it will be cheaper, definitely cheaper than flying from Chile.  Plus, we should be able to convince people to come and visit us there!!  ;)  We'll find out the good places to stay and we'll share the info for anyone who'd like to come visit.

The bad thing is that the country does not allow dogs in and Simba is very much part of our family.  However, we have a couple options for him to stay with people at home.  That means that we know he'll be taken very good care of and we'll be able to see him whenever we go home to visit.  It makes us less sad to not have him come with us. 

Don't worry about security issues - we spoke to several people who live there and they reassured us that the violence is limited to certain areas of the city and that we won't have any need to go to those parts anyways.  We'll be in the northern part of the city, away from the water, and it seems like a good place to live.

Here's a website for those of you who are curious and want to find out more about Jamaica:

By the way, the weather forecast for today is 27C.  :)
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