Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Today, I'm 34.  Wow!  For some reason, that number seems really big.  Much bigger than 33.  I'm not feeling old yet but 34 is starting to get there.  :)  It's been a great day.  Yesterday, I went for a manicure/pedicure that my friend, Monica, got for me.  It was great to get pampered and now I have pretty nails.  Love it!  Then I went out for dinner with a few friends, which was great.  Good food and great company.  Not only did they treat me to dinner but they also got me gifts - thank you so much!  Just going out for dinner with them was enough. 

This morning, I woke up to two wonderful cards from Kirsi and Aidan.  Der had put together a few pictures of them and me over the year into a birthday card - it was so sweet!  Then I had birthday presents waiting for me in my Inbox.  Der got me a gift certificate to Kiva so I could help out someone else start up or improve their small business.  Today, I chose to help a group of ladies from Bolivia who want to help their families out financially by selling knitted items.  Kiva is simply amazing.  There was also a gift card from Kirsi and Aidan from Heifer International; they had bought a flock of ducks to give to a family.  They get training on how to feed, raise and care for the animals and they have to give the first batch of ducklings to another family and train them (and so on).  A fitting gift coming from Aidan, who LOVES ducks.  Whenever he sees a duck, he gets so excited and points and keeps saying over and over, "Du, Du, Du". 

I had tons of birthday greetings from family and friends, which warmed my heart right up.  Thank you to everyone! 

Tonight, we were going to go out for supper as a family but our little girl was beyond tired so we decided to stay home.  We enjoyed the birthday cupcakes Kirsi and I made this morning as our dessert instead.  We might try to go out tomorrow night instead.  And then, Der and I are going to go out on a date to celebrate my birthday on Friday night.  Pascuala is going to stay with the kids while we go out to a Thai restaurant - yummy!  Peruvian and Thai in one week, how luck am I?!

So, even though 34 has been a daunting number for me (for whatever strange reason), I've had a fantastic birthday this year.  If getting older means enjoying my birthdays like this, I'm all for it!  :)
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